Alogomandra Beach may be reached from the coast road via several paths, the most frequent access being by the one that leads past the Hotel-Restaurant Galini. It doesn’t matter which way you arrive. At first glance, the beach looks unspectacular, sand and some shrubbery offering shade. But Alogomandra still has a geological point of interest to offer. Looking out to sea, on the right there is a little lagoon with, let’s be kind, a mussel-shaped rocky overhang. Very attractive to look at and nice for bathing. However, you won’t find a romantic atmosphere in the high season because Alogomandra is too easy to get too and fairly busy.

Agios Konstantinos

Many maps show the entire Bay of Alogomandra as Agios Konstantinos. However, this name originally referred only to the church above the beach. And the name was then applied to the little settlement consisting of traditional boathouses that are lined up in a narrow, sheltered bay east of Alogomandra. These “sirmata” of Agios Konstantinos offer typical Milos local colour and are definitely worth a detour.

Update 04/20