Useful tips for your holiday on Milos

Buying food

Supermarkets and other shops

On Milos, besides the branches of familiar larger supermarkets, for your everyday needs there are some smaller local shops. It doesn't matter whether they are called supermarkets or minimarkets. Here you will find absolutely everything you need.

At the time of my first trips to Greece there were only these smaller shops on the islands and for me they were a fixture of a somewhat exotic-seeming holiday. Looked at objectively, the product ranges were not very wide, the usual branded products were replaced by unknown local products and the pricing was extremely opaque. Looked at subjectively, however, you could immerse yourself in a fascinating world and the mix of scents composed of cheese counters, chlorine cleaning agents and mothballs but still find what you most needed and for months afterwards retain the feeling of having experienced the authentic Greece more intensely than most other tourists.

On Milos, some of these old supermarkets have survived over the years thanks to higher standards, a contemporary product range and the loyalty of their customers. There is always a good range, for instance at the Sifis supermarket (whose name, however, is not to be found anywhere) where you leave the village of Adamas in the direction of the airport. Although the “Tsakanos” supermarket in the central square in Adamas is small, it is impressive thanks to its really generous opening hours. You will also find other food shops in Triovasalos along the road to Plaka (Karodromos) and there is a small supermarket in Pollonia too.

Modern branches of bigger supermarket chains have been set up on Milos since the start of the 2000s. First came Atlantic, later Carrefour Marinopoulos, but both are now gone. There has been a branch of the Vidalis Greek supermarket chain in Adamas since 2011 and an AB Vassilopoulos Market in Katifora since the end of 2017.

After the closure of both the Carrefour branches in Triovasalos and Adamas, the Milos Alfa Market was set up at the start of 2017. The premises and staff have remained largely unchanged.

Household goods shop in Triovasalos
Apothíki, household goods shop

For anyone who is on a self-catering holiday and, besides wine and cheese to enjoy on the terrace in the evening, also needs household requisites, it may be worthwhile to find the “Apothíki” in Triovasalos. In this little general store there are cleaning agents, toilet paper etc. at very affordable prices.

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Break at Mouratos
Break at Mouratos

On Milos there are of course numerous bakeries, only two of which I would like to explicitly mention at this point. I can for instance recommend the Mouratos Bakery, which is located on the road between Adamas and Triovasalos at the junction for Pollonia (Katifora). Whilst other bakeries are still closed, you only have to drive by in the very early morning to be hit by a bewitching fragrance. The product range at Mouratos is lavish and a glance at the bustling activity in the open bakehouse confirms that here everything is extremely freshly produced.

Here there are "Baked goods and more”
There are "Baked goods and more”

Also highly recommended is the bakery called Αρτοποιήματα και άλλα (I won’t bother to transcribe it into Latin script), whose name means something like “baked goods and more.” It is situated in the middle of Karodromos, the main road in Triovasalos, opposite the car park. The shop is comparatively small and easy to overlook, so unlike other bakeries it doesn't draw the attention of tourists who happen to be passing by. Here you will find very tasty fresh baked goods at reasonable prices, for instance extremely delicious moustokouloura (grape molasses cookies). I recommend a morning visit before everything is sold out.

Beverage shop

Beverage shop in Katifora
Beverage shop in Katifora

Drinks in bulk and at low prices are available, for instance, in the beverage market in Katifora, on the road from Adamas to Triovasalos, on the right hand side before the junction for Pollonia. Since I have never yet seen a holidaymaker shopping here, I think it would be helpful to mention this shop at this point. When you drive by, it really doesn't look as if there’s anything much to stop for. The opening hours seem to promise most success from a morning visit.

Bus connections

"Bus Terminal" in Adamas
"Bus Terminal" in Adamas

I’m always keen to advise against considering the bus as a means of transport to be taken seriously during a stay on Milos. In my opinion, having your own vehicle, regardless of whether it’s a car or a moped, is indispensable if you would really like to successfully explore Milos. The central transport hub for the buses is the stop in the central square in Adamantas, right next to Café Giangos and the taxi stand.


There are branches of the major Greek banks, complete with EC ATMs, in Adamantas and Triovasalos. The density of ATMs is very high on Karodromos. Although there are no bank branches in Pollonia, you can also get money there from the ATM.

Post offices

The only post office on Milos has moved several times in recent years. It currently seems to feel at home in Triovasalos, halfway along the main road, if you drive off to the left shortly after the fork to Tripiti.

Anyone who wants to post their holiday mail anywhere else does not have many alternatives. One of the few postboxes, for instance, is placed at the central bus stop in Adamas, right next to Café Giangos. Another one you will find at the port.


"Marilena + Giorgos"
"Marilena + Giorgos"

Astonishingly I have frequently been asked when I’m there about hairdressers. Evidently people are happy to even spend their time on holiday having a haircut. I am happy to recommend Marilena and Giorgos’ hairdressing salon in Adamas, which, as you would expect, operates under the name of “Marilena + Giorgos.”. It is situated near the Agios Charalambos Church – to be more precise in the alley that leads directly uphill to the church in a north-south direction. On the right hand side, a stairway leads you up to the salon and if you don't find it right away (actually no-one does, since there are no signs at all), ask when you get close for “Studio Kommotikís” (= hairdressing salon) or use the map. Telephone: 22870.23685

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Milos Hospital in Plaka
Hospital in Plaka

The “Health Care Center of Milos” is one of the few places that one would like to avoid whilst on holiday. But if you can’t avoid it, you’ll be in really good hands there. Of course, doctors of every specialism are not represented but the main emergency cases that might occur on your holiday are reliably treated here. The hospital is in Plaka, a long way uphill below the last bend in the road.

Update 05/20