Together with Plaka, Tripiti definitely claims the most privileged location on Milos. All the villages that lie on the high plateau in the widest sense beneath Kastro Hill form a unit and run into each other. But whereas Triovasalos, Pera Triovasalos and Plakes mostly huddle in the protection of that same plateau, Tripiti and Plaka line up on the slope that falls way relatively steeply to the sea to the west. Up here, the panorama is unique and offers superb views especially in the late afternoon and evening.

The windmills of Tripiti line up on the mountain ridge. On the other side of the Bay of Milos lie the striking peaks of Profitis Ilias and Chondro Vouno. To the west is a view of Plaka, in the background Cape Vani and Antimilos.

On the mountain ridge, your eye is immediately caught by several windmills standing in a row. Of course, these mills built in the best location for catching the wind no longer operate but they almost all look carefully restored and extended since some of them are rented out as holiday accommodation.

Every year on 31 August, the “End of Summer” (Κυριαύγουστο) is celebrated in front of the Church of Ag. Nikolaos. The climax is the fire leaping in which the dry flower wreaths plaited on 1 May are burnt.

Another thing that catches the eye in Tripiti is the Church of Agios Nikolaos, which is visible far and wide. It stands in the tiny platia in the middle of even tinier alleys. The “main road” leading through Tripiti is so narrow that it has to be divided into two one-way streets. If you’re travelling in the direction of Adamas, you are led downhill a long way round the village, almost to the settlement of Klimatovouni.

The Small Profitis Ilias

The Small Profitis Ilias with its church on the peak is a hill (which strictly speaking belongs to Klima) overlooking the village of Tripiti from which you can enjoy a fantastic panorama. Towards Plaka, Tripiti, across the Bay of Milos and of course the unique composition made up of Cape Vani and Antimilos, which, depending on the time of day, shimmers with sea and sky in the most varied shades of blue.

Update 08/19