You also approach Triades as you do Ammoudaraki, via Agia Marina and passing to the north of Profitis Ilias. Like Ammoudaraki, Triades lies in Ormos Triadon (Bay of Triades) but the road diverges early, apparently because of a small riverbed. Left (that is southwards) of this, the road takes you to Ammoudaraki, right (northwards) of this to Triades.

Triades consists mainly of two stretches of beach, both of which are significantly bigger than those at Ammoudaraki. The access road ends between the two beaches, above a wall. Both stretches of beach are very wide, that is they peter out inland on the flat, with the result that all kinds of rubbish gather a long way back. One clear benefit is the fine sand.

Triades northern beach

Triades southern beach

Everyone must decide for themselves whether they are willing to drive about 30 km from Adamantas to a beach and to be tossed about by the rough track. Understandably, all the beaches on the west coast are protected from excessive floods of visitors by their location. But the busier Milos gets in the high season, the more tourists find their way to Milos’ Wild West in their flight from deckchairs and beach bars. In my opinion, it’s not so much the character of the beaches themselves as their isolated position that is the strongest argument for a detour to the west coast – regardless of whether it’s to Triades, Ammoudaraki, Agios Ioannis or Agathia.

Update 04/20