Sulphur mine in Paliorema

The abandoned sulphur mine in the bay of Paliorema on the east coast of Milos provides the destination for a little hike. As an alternative, you can drive almost down to the beach in an off-road vehicle. Signs with the word “Thiorichía”, which is Greek for “sulphur mines,” show the way.

Decades ago, sulphur was mined, processed and shipped in the steep, deep-cut valley. Although the entire installation with its buildings, machines and loading gear has been heavily eroded by the ravages of time, astoundingly it still sits undisturbed in the landscape as a ghostly industrial ruin. The atmosphere of the whole thing is much more exciting in the off season than in the summer when a dozen hire cars and mopeds are parked among the buildings.

The beach at Paliorema is right next to the old installations of the sulphur mine. In some places, ruined walls and a small bridge provide shady spots for bathers.

At the far end of the valley there are numerous galleries that were dug into the hillsides. These are not very well sealed off and for reasons of safety they should of course no longer be entered.

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Update 06/21