The approach to Rivari is practically the same as the one to Fatourena. When you turn off towards Embourios at the crossroads before Agia Maria, after a bit of downhill bumping about you come to the relevant fork. Straight on leads to Fatourena, whereas if you follow the sharp bend to the left, sooner or later you will reach Rivari. The beach runs along the narrow promontory that separates the lagoon of Rivari from Ormos Milou. And fortunately it does so on the outer side since in the lagoon the water is rarely changed and this makes it algal and rather unappealing for bathing.

The lagoon of Rivari. Unsuitable for bathing but very beautiful to look at.

Rivari Beach consists of little sand and a fair number of pebbles. Whilst you can still find a sandy spot to lie down on the land, in the water it is rather stony but on the other hand the water is crystal clear. The secluded location of the beach guarantees that it never gets too crowded.

For your orientation: If you have come here from Adamas, you have completed about a 270° arc of a circle around the innermost part of the Bay of Milos. It is difficult to carry on. After Embourios, where there are no beaches worth mentioning, we have to stop. The last beach that I describe as associated with Ormos Milou is Agios Dimitrios. But that is only accessible by boat.

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