A little way beyond the end of Pollonia, where the road to Adamantas or Triovasalos passes close to the sea atop the steep coast, you will find the fjord of Papafrangas. A deep cut in the cliff, a few metres wide, with vertical cliff faces, that is connected to the sea via a natural rock arch. At the end, narrow step hacked into the soft stone lead down to a tiny sandy beach that ends in a cave.

Easy to identify from left to right in the first photo: The little bay at Kapros, the fjord of Papafrangas and the prehistoric excavation site at Philakopi.

All in all, Papafrangas has a really spectacular appearance. However, the downside is that washed-up rubbish is scarcely able to find its way back out of the fjord on its own. Papafrangas is therefore heavily reliant on the generosity of the volunteer beach-cleaning squad from Milos, which from the start of the season works to ensure that the bay is clean and tidy all year round.

Update 04/20