Lagada (sometimes written as Langada, which can be attributed to the often variable transcription from the Greek) is, one might say, Adamas’ own beach. It‘s situated a bit out of the way, on the other side of the ferry terminal if you approach it from the direction of the central square in Adamas. In this area at the back of the town there are several largish hotels and Lagada Beach is, so to speak, right on their doorstep. I consider the close proximity to the town and the high density of rooms in the immediate area a disadvantage. But anyone who sets store by a short walk from hotel to beach will be fine with this.

The Bay of Lagada and west of it (here to the right) Cape Bombarda. For anyone arriving by ferry, the view of Adamas will be blocked by the cape until the last moment. While the ferry makes for the terminal, the familiar buildings of the little harbour promenade suddenly pop into view. Just a few more minutes and you’re there.

To the west of the hill whose top is crowned by the church of Agios Charalambos which is visible from afar, sits Lagada Bay. From the beach that lies immediately in front of the Lagada Beach Hotel and the Karnagio Club, you can tell for certain that it is Lagada. Whether the beach situated further west is covered by the same name is a matter of judgement. Not far from Cape Bombarda and situated beside the French soldiers’ cemetery, it is also called Bombarda by the locals.

Update 04/20