Katafygio, Adamas

Katafygio Adamanta

Although it is centrally located in Adamantas, many visitors to the island do not know that Katafygio exists. Just like the bunker in Plaka, the bunker installation was built by the German Wehrmacht during the war. It sheltered up to 800 people and was used mainly as a military hospital in which both German soldiers and the local population were treated. The Wehrmacht also operated a seawater desalination plant for extracting drinking water here. One of the total of 13 masonry-built reservoirs goes back to this time. The other 12 were built after the war by the inhabitants of Milos since the vaults of the bunker provided a good basis for a cistern. Today the walls of the water basins have been broken through so as to make them accessible. After decades of renovation work, in 2013 Katafygio was opened as a gallery for art exhibitions.

2015 art exhibition: Photographs from Milos of local artists

The entrance to Katafygio is located at the western end of the harbour promenade in Adamas, near the start of Langada Beach. It extends 250 m into the depths of the hill on which the heart of the village of Adamas is situated and on its summit is the Ag. Charalambos Church that can be seen from afar. A second entrance, which is closed nowadays, is on a stairway beside the Pirounakis travel office. There were also once two emergency exits but they are no longer accessible. One led towards the water but its precise position can no longer be identified.

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Update 05/20