Boat trip to Glaronisia

The “Seagull Islets” by Agios Konstantinos are a special geological feature since they consist of volcanic effusive rock that has crystallised here into hexagonal columns. In fact, you hear and read everywhere that it is basalt. Since every layman has at least heard of this, this information is passed on without effort. However, it was suggested to me that the islands consist rather of rhyolite (quartz porphyry) but almost no-one knows this. In my role as a total non-geologist, I have absolutely nothing to say on this. And in fact I don't care much about it either.

Seen from the coast or from a ferry sailing by, the three Glaronisia islets don't look like much. You can see the rare rock formations best from close up in the course of a boat trip. Heading just to Glaronisia would not make for a very exciting experience but every excursion boat whose route takes it along the north coast of Milos of course also includes a visit to the Seagull Islets in its itinerary. One of the cliffs has a cave which you can sail all the way into if your boat is small enough.

Seen up close, the special hexagonal shape of the rock pillars made of rhyolite is easy to make out.

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Update 05/20