If you follow the coast road around the Bay of Milos and turn off for Embourios at the crossroads before Agia Marina, you reach the beaches of Fatourena and Rivari which are right next to each other. Fatourena Beach is by a shallow lagoon that is more or less separated from Ormos Milou by a narrow promontory. On the outer side of the promontory facing the bay lies Rivari Beach. To get to it, you take the left fork a little before Fatourena.

Everything in one glance: In the background Fatourena Beach, in the foreground the lagoon and on the left Rivari Beach.

View across the lagoon to Tripiti
View across the lagoon to Tripiti

A visit to both these beaches is worthwhile, especially if you would like to benefit from their secluded location. Although the approach on the road, which is asphalted as far as Agia Marina, is very comfortable and the beaches are significantly quicker to get to than the truly isolated beaches of the west coast, very few visitors find their way here. Fatourena is perfectly fine as a sand and pebble beach and both the view across the Bay of Milos to the villages opposite and the nearby lagoon offer a really beautiful backdrop.

Update 04/20