The Orthodox Easter festival on Milos

Easter, the biggest Christian festival, is very comprehensively and intensively celebrated in the Greek Orthodox Church. The Easter season provides all sorts of customs that are still very much alive, especially in the countryside.

Easter Vigil outside Ag. Spiridonas Church in Triovasalos
Easter Vigil outside Ag. Spiridonas Church in Triovasalos

Before the start of the Easter Season comes carnival time, whose exuberant activity is closely associated with the austerity of impending Lent. Then Lent starts the Easter Season in the ecclesiastical calendar that extends to Pentecost. At the end of Lent comes Holy Week that ends with the Easter Vigil on the Saturday evening. Easter Sunday is then followed by Eastertide until the feast of Pentecost. This basic principle applies both in the Western Church and in the Orthodox Eastern Church.

Spending Easter on Milos is a unique experience. I advise anyone who has the opportunity to take a spring holiday to arrange it so as to experience Holy Week (Megáli Evdomáda) and the Easter weekend. You should bring along a certain religiosity, otherwise you will perceive the celebrations more as a folklore event, which would be a pity. Although the date of Easter may fall early or late, as a rule you can count on spring weather on Milos for the Orthodox Easter festival. The island is a lush green, blossom and fragrance abound and a traditional Easter lamb barbeque among friends on Easter Sunday is priceless.

Update 05/20