Continuing on the journey from Adamas around Ormos Milou, after the fork to Zefiria you reach the beach of Achivadolimni (or Chivadolimni), a wide, easily accessible sandy beach. At the eastern end, from the road you get down the high, steep slope via a flight of steps of generous proportions. At the western end, the road goes down almost to sea level. So the beach is easy to get to, has clean, pleasant sand and therefore enjoys great popularity.

It is worth noting that from here, the Gulf of Milos no longer looks like a gigantic lake but instead reveals its true form. Chivadolimni lies almost at the innermost point of Ormos Milou, so its scale becomes clear to the observer when a strip of horizon becomes clearly visible between the two landmasses that represent both the inhabited and the uninhabited parts of Milos.

The beach takes its name from the little lake that is separated from the sea by little more than the road. Its name is derived from a special species of mussel that lives there in the brackish water.

Update 04/20