Ammoudaraki and Triades beaches share a large bay (Ormos Triadon) and to be precise consist of several individual sections of beach of different sizes. Whereas Triades consists of two sections, Ammoudaraki is made up of five bays suitable for bathing.

You can get to Ammoudaraki via Agia Marina, passing to the north of Profitis Ilias. Although Chalakas, the western part of Milos, is only very sparsely populated, the road signs here are clear and reliable. The roads to Ammoudaraki and Triades already diverge an astonishingly long way from the coast although the beaches are situated next to each other, as described above. If you haven’t already gone wrong back at the Triades/Ammoudaraki fork in the road, you get another chance to lose your bearings after Ammoudaraki because the route splits again at another fork. You go right for the two northerly beaches which we’ll call Ammoudaraki 1 and 2. To the left you go to Ammoudaraki 3 to 5. People who have spoken to me there have told me that they did not know exactly where they were despite Google Maps and GPS. Overall, the surrounding area with its distinctive rocks and small bays offers an interesting landscape so there’s no harm in taking a little stroll to find the ideal bathing beach.

Update 04/20