Agios Ioannis

As you would expect, Agios Ioannis Beach lies in the vicinity of the monastery of the same name (not to be confused with the numerous churches with the same name). It is the southernmost of the four main beaches on Milos’ west coast. Coming via the coast road along the Bay of Milos, when you are about level with the airport you will find Agios Ioannis more or less exactly on the far side of Profitis Ilias. You can go either way around here in principle but the “northern route” through the middle of Chalakas passing by Agia Marina makes for the more pleasant drive. And my opinion is confirmed when you see a train of innumerable cars driving along precisely this route during the Panigyri (church festival) in the monastery. The section along the south coast is comparatively inconvenient.

Agios Ioannis is the biggest monastery on Milos. A pretty large saint’s day festival is held here on the eve of 25 September. All the celebrations extend over several days. In the two photos on the left you can clearly see the access road to the beaches. It ends by the southern beach. You have to reach the other sections of beach on foot.

The beach is made up of three sections. All three have fine sand and are well worth a visit. The first section is flat and directly accessible, the second one is accessible over rocks and is located more spectacularly under a vertical cliff. The third section is further north again and is even more difficult to reach.

Update 04/20