Agia Kyriaki and Psaravolada

The route to Agia Kyriaki goes first by road to Paliochori, where you turn off to the right at the level of a little church. The road leads down to the bay through a rugged valley subject to erosion. It is unmade and in parts narrow at first, but later it is generously asphalted for reasons unknown.

The attractive sandy beach is almost free of pebbles apart from in one area near the waterline and provides perfectly good shade with its tamarisks, albeit sparsely, the whole length of the beach. Clustered around the bay there are also a few houses, mobile homes walled in and converted to holiday homes and a taverna which also rents out rooms.


East of Agia Kyriaki there is another, somewhat hidden, beach: Pasaravolada. The dominating cliff that separates the two beaches is crowned by the above-named rooms for rent with their really attractive view of the two bays. The assumption that there is a way down from up here somewhere is mistaken. Access is only possible from Agia Kyriaki by climbing over the big boulders along the shore.

Update 04/20