Mytakas is situated almost exactly in the middle of the curved north coast of Milos, practically at its most southerly point. Its appearance is similar to that of Alogomandra / Ag. Konstantinos to the point of being confused with it because at the end of the dead end leading down to the sea from the coast road to Pollonia, you come first to a narrow bay with – who would have thought it – its own sirmata. (The singular is in fact “sirma”, a neutral noun). Mytakas Beach extends on the left-hand side. The area is basically undeveloped apart from a few rooms up on the road.

Thanks to having a few trees, Mytakas Beach provides a limited number of shady spots. During the summer months there is also a small beach bar open. It’s really just a kind of kiosk but you can at least get cold drinks, which is no bad thing in high summer.

Update 04/20