Welcome to Milos

There is much to discover in Milos

» The beaches of Milos

Descriptions of almost all the beaches, grouped by the sections of the coast of Milos: north and south coasts, the Bay of Milos and the remote west coast.

» The towns and villages of Milos

Adamantas, Pollonia, Plaka, Tripiti ... Where’s the best place to stay? And what is there to see in the villages of Triovasalos, Pera Triovasalos, Plakes and Zefiria?

» Excursions by land and water

Old mines, boat trips, walks, daytrips and other Milos specials. Unique experiences on and around Milos that will make your holiday unforgettable await you!

» The cultural highlights

Beyond the bathing experience, from prehistoric times to the present day, Milos offers an informal mix of museums and antiquities that will thrill even those visitors who are less interested in culture.