In addition to the obligatory time on the beach and visits to museums and other cultural facilities, Milos offers many more opportunities for making your holiday as varied as possible.

Milos Day trip to Kimolos

Day trip to Kimolos

Milos Boat trip to Polyegos

Boat trip to Polyegos

Milos Sulphur mine in Paliorema

Sulphur mine in Paliorema

Milos Cape Vani

Cape Vani

Milos Boat trip to Kleftiko

Boat trip to Kleftiko

Milos Hike to Kleftiko

Hike to Kleftiko

Milos Hike to Topakas

Hike to Topakas

Milos Boat trip to Glaronisia

Boat trip to Glaronisia

Milos Hike on Profitis Ilias

Hike on Profitis Ilias

Milos Fumaroles of Kalamos

Fumaroles of Kalamos

Milos Skiadi


Milos Shipwreck of Sarakiniko

Shipwreck of Sarakiniko

Update 05/20