It is obvious that Milos is not exactly one of Greece’s cultural centres. Especially in a country simply teeming with monumental artefacts and sites rich in history, this little island on the southwestern edge of the Cyclades is a bit overshadowed. But I personally greatly appreciate this situation since as a result Milos remains protected from the hordes of tourists supposedly interested in culture who inevitably only go during their holidays to the places where the popular cultural sites are, for instance on the Greek mainland or on Crete. In Milos, by contrast, there are no excursions in overfilled tourist coaches, no queuing at excavation sites. Milos does nevertheless have some cultural highlights to offer, a casual mix of museums and ruins, just right for making your holiday a little more varied.

Milos Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

Milos Local History Museum

Local History Museum

Milos Mining Museum

Mining Museum

Milos Ecclesiastical Museum

Ecclesiastical Museum

Milos War Museum

War Museum

Milos Roman Theatre

Roman Theatre

Milos Site of Aphrodite

Site of Aphrodite

Milos Catacombs


Milos Phylakopi


Milos Katafygio


Update 05/20