The beaches of Milos

Milos South coast

South coast

Milos North coast

North coast

Milos Bay of Milos

Bay of Milos

Milos West coast

West coast

The varied beaches of Milos are certainly one of the main reasons why you can definitely spend a lengthy holiday here without getting bored. Especially if you don’t want to spend the entire day on the beach, the exploration of the numerous beaches, often of a totally different character, provides a complete experience, of which the journey there over dirt tracks and looking for the most suitable possibilities for access are just as much a part as the time spent on the beach itself. In any event, you shouldn’t be tempted into limiting yourself to the beach situated closest to your accommodation. Although that might be convenient, that’s a way to miss out a great deal!

Because of the volcanic history of the island, Milos’ beaches are mostly extraordinarily distinctive and unique. Varied geological conditions give almost every beach its completely different appearance. So it’s definitely worth exploring as many beaches as possible so as to discover your own favourite beach.

On the following pages I have described in particular the noteworthy beaches on the north and south coasts, those on the remote west coast and the beaches in the Bay of Milos. In addition, there are of course many more small, sometimes unnamed beaches that can be reached on foot or by boat and which are definitely also worth visiting.

Update 04/20